CRHA Board Appointments

All vacancies for the Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority's (CRHA) Board of Commissioners have been filled at this time.  

During the March 28, 2023 City Council meeting, Chesapeake City Council members appointed Ms. Lena Fuller and Dr. Michael Daniels to the Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority (Chesapeake RHA) Board of Commissioners. 

Interviews were conducted on March 21, 2023, with appointment confirmations upheld at the March 28th meeting.  We look forward to welcoming Commissioner Fuller and Commissioner Daniels at the April 26, 2023 meeting. 
Lena Fuller  Daniels
         Ms. Lena Fuller                   Dr. Michael Daniels
We kindly thank all the qualified candidates who submitted applications for a seat this term.  The next round of applications will be accepted in the Spring of 2024 for the 2024-2028 term.  We encourage you to revisit us for application details at that time. 

Congratulations again, Commissioner Fuller and Commissioner Daniels!  
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