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About CRHA

ED Statement


I am truly honored to serve this City and the residents supported by Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority.  I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the exemplary and talented team of individuals that make up CRHA for twenty-six years.  I am intimately familiar with the good works done and the real difference this agency has made in the lives of so many.  With the enthusiastic CRHA team backed by a dedicated Board of Commissioners, a caring City, and overwhelmingly supportive community partners, we continue to assist and support the underserved with dignity and grace. 

Those in need rely on CRHA for affordable housing but it is our critical mission to provide so much more, to guide and encourage self-improvement on a path that leads to self-reliance, healthier and happier individuals and families, responsible and productive citizens of the City of Chesapeake, an exceptional place to love, learn, work, farm, and play.

Nancy L. Tarkenton
Interim Executive Director