Admissions and Policies

The Admission and Occupancy Policies (ACOP) sets the criteria for eligibility and occupancy for public housing tenancy.  The Board of Commissioners approves changes to the ACOP as necessary.  To download the ACOP, click here.

Pet Policy:  
A resident of a dwelling unit in public housing may own one (1) or more common household pets or have such pets present in the dwelling unit. Please click here for the pet policy.

Housekeeping Standards
 To improve the livability and conditions of the rental units owned and  managed by the Authority, CRHA will annually inspect each unit.  

Community Service Policy
 HUD established a requirement for non-exempt residents of public housing to contribute eight (8) hours of community service each month or to participate in a self-sufficiency program for eight (8) hours each month. The community service requirement should not be perceived by the resident to be a punitive or demeaning activity, but rather to be a rewarding activity that will benefit both the resident and the community. Community service offers public housing residents an opportunity to contribute to the communities that support them while gaining work experience.  For more information, please contact your housing property manager.