HomeOwnership Program (HOP)

HomeOwnership (HOP)

HOP will work individually with families in both programs Housing Choice Voucher (HCV-HOP) and Public Housing (HOP-PH) programs to assess the current level of homebuying readiness, determine steps needed to reach readiness, provide, or refer the family to training, classes, and/or resources, and upon completion of preparedness. Then, the family will be directed to local lenders and realtors to purchase their own home.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) Participant 

The HCV homeownership program allows families who are assisted under the HCV program to use their vouchers to buy a home and receive monthly assistance in meeting homeownership expenses.

HCV participants must meet all the requirements listed below:
  • Must be current HCV participant in good standing
  • Must qualify as a first-time homeowner
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete the pre-assistance homeownership and housing counseling program required by the PHA (Ex: FSS)
  • At least one adult family member who will own the home must be currently employed full-time and must have been continuously employed for one year before homeownership assistance
  • The federal minimum employment requirement does not apply to seniors or persons with disabilities
For more information about other requirements, please access the brochure here.

Public Housing Participant 

The HOP- PH will allow families who are assisted through our public housing portfolio to direct access to realtors and lenders willing to work with the program. If a pre-approval letter is delivered and you meet the requirements of HOP, you will be placed on a waitlist if any for our inventory of units are not available.

CRHA is working on a project to attain properties and make them available first to our residents and other eligible low-income families in our communities for Homeownership purposes.

Please follow the following HOP steps:

  1. Apply. (to apply click here) Complete the application and submit it to crhahomeownership@crhava.org or nellie_sanchez@crhava.org Allow up to 10 business days for us to process your application.
  2. Attend the online homebuyer education course offered by Virginia Housing or any homebuyer class certified in Virginia - Click here to access website. 
  3. HOP staff will determine if you qualify for the program. Once you have been deemed eligible, the HOP manager will contact you to verify your steps from our HOP checklist (20 steps for homeownership). Also, it would be best if you started attending classes from our partners to get ready for the process, get your affairs in order, establish, and follow a spending plan, save money. The HOP coordinators can assist with questions through the process.
    1. HCV- Cindy Harrell – cindy_harrell@crhava.org or 757-233-6402
    2. PH – Romaunda Mitnaul – romaunda_scott@crhava.org or 757-233-6904
  4. Once we have a pre-approval letter from you, the HOP manager will schedule a HOP briefing session.