Housing Choice Voucher - Portability

For Tenants


Portability is the ability of a family to move with its tenant based voucher from the jurisdiction of one Housing Authority (HA) to that of another.

        Porting In To CRHA

Step 1:  Request portability from your HA.  Once approved, your HA will provide with contact name and phone number at CRHA.  Your HA will also fax or mail  your portability paperwork to CRHA.

Step 2:  Contact CRHA to verify your portability papers have been received and  set up an appointment.

Step 3:  Attend your appointment with CRHA on time.  You will need to bring the following information:  social security cards and birth certificates.

Step 4:  Locate a unit and return the Request For Tenancy Approval. A passed Inspections can take up to two weeks.

Porting From CRHA

  • You must notify your case manager and your landlord. 60 days in advance of your lease expiration date.
  • You must be in good standing with the terms of your lease including current in your rent account.
  • You must schedule an appointment for a port-out briefing.

       For additional information please contact Mrs Debbie Coble: (757)233-6419 /debbie_coble@crhava.org


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